the rolf method of structural integration

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration was invented by Ida Rolf. Ida Rolf, a biochemist did her dissertation on fascia in the 1920’s at Columbia University. She invented Structural Integration to aid her debilitated son and designed the Rolf ten series as a way to pass the work on to others. Structural Integration realigns the body with gravity. It achieves this by working with the fascial network of the body. Fascia is connective tissue. Through physical and emotional stress the fascia becomes knitted down creating a body that is heavy, limited in range and oppressed by gravity. Structural Integration using simple hand techniques and movement loosens up the impingements in the fascial network resulting in a lighter, freer and often taller structure.

Structural Integration is highly recommended for those wanting to correct their posture, or those suffering from chronic pain and as a tool to deepen self-awareness.


" I have been working with Shari for the past seven years now and fully entrust her with my entire family. Not only is she incredibly radiant on so many levels, she is a gifted healer with one of the most positive and nuturing natures I have encountered. Her combined use of acupuncture and massage are absolute heaven and she is a joy to be in the company of always."

–Christy Turlington, Model, Mom and Entrepreneur.