continuing education
(CEU’s) for licensed massage therapists

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Continue doing great work without taxing the delicate joints of the hand and increase career longevity. Learn to give a full body massage using the forearms as the primary tool. These techniques can be used for both deep tissue work and light circulatory massage. These workshops will cover body mechanics, how to use body weight to engage tissue, depth of pressure, speed of strokes and developing sensitivity in the forearms.

“Shari teaches simple yet highly effective techniques that are easily incorporated into any body work session. You will find yourself using her techniques all the time. Her emphasis on proper body mechanics makes deep tissue massage easy on you and your clients will love it.”    - Sabine Anima Garcia, NYS LMT

“Magical, Shari knows exactly what to do with each part of the body. Watching Shari inspires me to be a better massage therapist.”    - Lisa Gumora, NYS LMT

“I have long been a sufferer of low back pain from my work as a massage therapist. Shari showed us stances that have eradicated my need to see a chiropractor once a week. Her forearm techniques are saving my fingers and my energy. Her workshop manual is very useful. It is the only manual I have found myself going back to look at repeatedly after a class.”
- Irina Shapiro, NYS LMT

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